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A small, hard-working consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.  To provide excellent services, a land company must have exceptional landmen.  At the heart of any land company are the people who provide the services. United Basin principal, Chris Sanders, has worked with oil and gas companies, public utilities and attorneys for the last 20 years, assembling a group of highly experienced landmen. All have over five years of experience in the land business, with the majority having at least a decade.  In addition, many of Sanders’s core landmen have experience in the legal industry, including having law degrees. 

Another key to providing excellent land services is staying abreast of developments in the industry.  In order to keep up-to-date, all of our core landmen are members of the American Association of Petroleum Landman (AAPL) and attend continuing education courses. We also have landmen who are members of the ROW Consultants Council, IRWA, and Texas Real Estate Commission.
Candice Hartzog

Negotiations Expert, Broker, Landman, Manager of Multiple Units/Plays Nationwide, Manage teams or personally perform any land related duties including, but not limited to: Due Diligence, Right-of-Way, Acquisitions, Title Abstracting, Memorandums of Title, Curative, Mapping, Negotiations, Regulatory Filings, Public Records Research, Heirship Research, Client Relations, Division Orders, Divisional Interests Calculations, Unit Ownership Calculations, Working Interest Calculations, NPRI, Royalty Ownership, Filings with the clerks and regulatory agencies as needed.

A brief sampling of land clients are as follows:
• Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
• Bradley Law Firm
• Cain & Associates, P.C.
• City Of Grand Prairie
• Decker Jones
• Eggleston, Flowers & King
• Emerald Leasing, LLC
• Fort Worth Energy, LLC
• Johnson County Special Utility District
• Llano Group
• Natural Gas Associated Services
• Sanco Operating Company
• Sanders Drilling
• Whitaker Chalk Sawyer & Swindle


EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
Chris Sanders
General Partner

He is a senior executive with over 20 years of experience in management and finance in the Oil and Gas industry and a Landman, Producer, Operator and Published Author. He implemented and designed some of the first CO2 fracking techniques which later defined the Barnett shale. As a Landman, he has acquired over 2.4 million acres and received the “Landman in Action” award by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen. He is the founder of the United Basin and County Landman which is a group of 500 of the nation’s top landmen. He is the creator of sustainable air to water technology and has performed as a senior consultant for Air Products, Aramco, Chesapeake, China, Devon, Japan, Halliburton, Marathon, Multiple Investment Bankers, the LNG industry, McGraw Hill, NASA, Multiple Politicians, Schlumberger, State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO), The Gas Company and the King of Saudi Arabia. He has ranked in the top 10% in natural gas production in Texas and New Mexico for over 25 years. Creator of several proprietary fracking methodologies that use shale source bed rock as anaerobic digesters. He is an active operator for the Bureau of Land Management, Devon, Husky, Marathon and other independents. In 2006 he was the only operator endorsed by both the EPA and TCEQ in Texas. Remediation expert who helped clean up New Orleans after hurricane Katrina through compassion and co-developed a Kiri tree remediation technique for cleaning up oil contaminated areas and biomass. He believes that natural gas is the key to USA energy independence and that natural gas can not only be used to create water, but also gasoline. The company can already convert natural gas into diesel fuel. His three top NASA scientists have developed this technology which will change the USA into an energy independent nation

Texas Railroad Commission

“We're a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Chris Sanders
telephone:(310) 970-2400

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