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Comprehensive Land Solutions

"Chris cured title and created a Warranty Deed for our 720 acre ranch  - Thank you Chris!"
J. B. Holden.


"Mr. Sanders severed our mineral estate and has helped protect our mineral domain for over 20 years over the primary areas of the Barnett Shale  and has operated our wells with Devon since inception  - Thank you Chris"  -
J. Mara

R. Kinsey, Project Manager

“Candice's team has successfully negotiated leases, worked due diligence for prospect acquisition, completed full title runs, including writing the Memorandum of Title submitted to our attorneys. We are extremely pleased with the services they provide.  The Hartco team rates as excellent on my list when it comes to people who understand how to communicate with landowners and mineral owners in developing solutions that meet both our needs and the land/mineral owner needs.  I plan to have a long lasting business relationship with this great team and highly recommend them.”

T. Martin
Aruba Petroleum, Inc.


“Candice has done an outstanding job for us, and we’ve every indication of a continuance of signature quality from them in future work.” 

John M. Sewell, P.E.
District Engineer
Johnson County Special Utility Dist.


“Over the past decade, has consistently provided thorough stand-up title examination for my firm and its clients.  UB’s personnel are responsive, knowledgeable and hard-working.  UB’s system of reporting title is second to none.” 

Keith Bradley
Bradley Law Firm
Cleburne, Texas

R. Kinsey, Project Manager

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