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United Basin works with oil and gas operators, as well as title attorneys, assisting in all aspects of mineral and surface ownership in the oil and gas industry. A few of the services we provide are listed below:.

Abstracting (including Runsheet) – includes complete title examination and copies of record documents found during research, including but not limited to, conveyances, oil and gas leases, liens, easements, financing, probate and all other documents filed of record to identify the status of the surface and minerals at the time of creating the runsheet. This process may be limited by the client, as requested.Take-Off Reports a.k.a. Mineral Ownership Reports – includes examination and copies of conveyance documents filed of record and an allocation of ownership, which may be for both the mineral ownership and the surface ownership.



Memorandum of Title – consists of a formal document incorporating all aspects of the examination of record title and summary of all research; calculations of the ownership, pursuant to the title examination; identification of any problems (with proposed solutions) identified during review of the Chain of Title. This document is used to assist the title attorney in the preparation of their Title Opinion. Hartco’s Memorandum of Title saves an extraordinary amount of attorney time, thereby lowering overall land costs, as Hartco has organized all information for an attorney’s review.



Right-of-Way Services – procures easements and right-of-ways for utility districts, attorneys, pipeline/petroleum companies, and governmental agencies. Hartco researches title and tax rolls to establish fair market value, and negotiate directly with property owners regarding compensation.  We also provide technical assistance to engineers and surveyors to aid in determining optimum pipeline routing


Curative Documents – consists of procuring necessary documentation from mineral or surface owners, as required by the title examination and/or title opinion. All of the Hartco core team are licensed notaries, both in Texas and in Pennsylvania, and numerous states across the country. This proves useful for the execution of documents in a timely and efficient manner..”

Chris Sanders, Landman

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